Plant Care Tips

Plants serve a great purpose in our lives. They enrich and purify the atmosphere and also provide us
with great natural surroundings and design elements which we can use inside or outside our homes or
commercial areas. For plants to thrive, you need the right set of conditions, nutrient rich soil and regular
care and maintenance. A good combination of these factors ensure that your plants grow steadily and
keep looking good for years to come. If you are looking for tips regarding plant care, few companies can
advise better than V.F. Landscape. We have years' worth of experience in the field of landscaping. We
are specially equipped to give you important advice about plant care which might make the difference
for you. Following these tips would hold you in good stead -

  1. Always make sure that your plants are properly watered. Too little water can be detrimental to their health. Too much water will eventually drain and take away vital soil nutrients. This is why you need an optimum level of watering on a regular basis.
  2. Different kinds of plants need different kinds of light. All plants need sunlight for nutrition related processes. Research about the kind of light that best suits your plants. They might need direct or indirect sunlight, or sunlight diffused through a translucent screen or curtain.
  3. Preserving the level of soil nutrition is of extreme importance. Make sure that your soil layer has all the nutrients necessary for plant life. Periodically replenish these nutrients by the use of high quality fertilizers. Avoid fertilizing products that contain harmful chemicals.
  4. Protect your plants from pests and insects by using natural pesticide products.
  5. Regularly trim your plants to ensure even and steady growth.
  6. If you have potted plants, keep re-potting them in larger pots as they grow in size. 

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Did you know...

  1. We are licensed irrigators and back flow testers by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  2. We are licensed commercial applicators by the Texas Department of Agriculture.
  3. V.F. Landscape is also enrolled in the E-Verify program with the federal government that checks the work eligibility of employees.


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