Commercial Weekly Maintenance

Plush gardens and lawns add an air of class and charm to any commercial space and creates great ambiance. To enjoy the great mood the exteriors of your commercial space impart to your property, you need to ensure that it stays properly maintained at all times. Well maintained lawns and gardens always have the look of fresh elegance which is a great for commercial spaces. If you are looking for the right commercial weekly maintenance service in Houston TX, then the services we offer at V.F. Landscape will be an ideal match for your needs. Our services can ensure that your exteriors stay in great shape all the year round and have the classy well maintained look that you enjoy.

Our Services

We at V.F. Landscape have been providing top quality landscaping and maintenance service for decades. Our services are geared towards maintaining the professional and finished look that you want for your gardens and lawns. We cover every facet of maintenance. Our workers are particularly skilled at handling the requirements of the work at hand. Our commercial weekly maintenance involves -

  • Mowing - Mowing is a necessity both for cosmetic purposes and to preserve the health of the grass in your lawn. We decide the frequency that needs to be maintained for effective mowing and use only the latest machinery to take care of mowing needs. We make sure that the grass is cut evenly and consistently and the finished product looks good.
  • Watering - Watering is essential to preserve the health of your plants and grass and needs to be handled carefully. We calculate the optimum amount of watering needed for your area and vegetation and use the latest equipment for best results.
  • Fertilisation - To ensure growth, we carry out regular fertilisation of your exteriors. We use natural products that do not contain chemicals and our techniques have the advantage of having evolved and developed over time. 

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Did you know...

  1. We are licensed irrigators and back flow testers by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  2. We are licensed commercial applicators by the Texas Department of Agriculture.
  3. V.F. Landscape is also enrolled in the E-Verify program with the federal government that checks the work eligibility of employees.


VFLandscape has been providing outstanding customized service to our clients for over 30 years. This has earned us the reputation of one of Houston's premier residential and commercial landscape companies. As a full-service landscape company, we provide a one-stop shop for all areas of landscaping including design, maintenance, construction, irrigation, custom walkways, exterior painting, drainage installation, outdoor rooms, wood and metal fences, decks and patios, mosquito systems, water features and lighting for residential clients. As each of our clients has different needs, all of our designs and concepts are customized to satisfy each customer in a unique way.

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