Are weeds or crabgrass taking over your lawn? Weeds are simply plants that are out of place, crabgrass is the most common of these. There are two important factors in determining what method to use in managing weeds, and we are the weed killer experts in this area. First, in order to kill weeds you must first identify the type of weed. The most common weeds are annual blue grass and crabgrass. The life cycle of the weed is the second factor. Annuals have a one-year life cycle, biennials have a two-year life cycle, and perennials live longer than two years. Perennials are the most difficult to eradicate, but it is no problem for the weed killers

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Weeds can become a major problem in your lawn if they are not controlled in a timely manner. Selecting the correct weed killer can be problems to some, so in order to be sure that you have selected the appropriate weed killer for the identified weeds, contact us. We will save you the unnecessary time of researching the weed and searching for the proper weed killer solutions. It is important to choose the right product and use it correctly. Our fully trained technicians are highly knowledgeable in identifying different types of weeds, and own all the necessary equipment used for killing weeds.


Of course you can go out and buy chemical weed killers from a convenience store, but they are only sufficient to a certain extent. Sometimes weed killer can be harmful to the lawn if used incorrectly. Also, some weeds such as crabgrass require more than just chemical weed killers to help eliminate them. Crabgrass is a common lawn weed that grows all season. From spring to fall, eradicating crabgrass requires various steps to take to help prevent crabgrass from reappearing.

The most effective method of controlling lawn weeds is to maintain a dense and dynamically growing lawn. Weeds are often an indication of problems in the grass plant environment, and killing the weeds without correcting the underlying issue will only result in the weeds reappearing. With our special equipment we are able to prevent undesirable weeds from reappearing each year.




Weeds are definitely unsightly, but they are also harmful to your yard because they compete with grass and other plants for moisture, nutrients, light and space. - See more at: http://www.lawndoctor.com/weed_and_disease_control_tips_.html#sthash.92rvHqIH.dpuf

Weeds are definitely unsightly, but they are also harmful to your yard because they compete with grass and other plants for moisture, nutrients, light and space.

To control broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, clover and thistle, apply a post-emergence herbicide, which is absorbed into the leaves and is circulated down into the root system. However, this doesn’t prevent the seeds from germinating and re-infesting a lawn.

Proper fertilization, mowing and irrigation encourage grass to grow in quickly and prevent weed growth. Lawn Doctor can help you develop a total weed treatment and prevention solution.

Crabgrass is a grassy weed, best controlled in the spring, before the weeds germinate. Germination occurs when the soil is above 65 degrees (also the time when forsythias and lilacs bloom).

While hot dry weather encourages crabgrass, a well-maintained lawn that is properly fertilized, watered and mowed rarely has crabgrass.

Your Local Lawn Doctor can provide you with a Pre-emergent Weed Control treatment to prevent weeds like crabgrass from showing up in your lawn.

- See more at: http://www.lawndoctor.com/weed_and_disease_control_tips_.html#sthash.92rvHqIH.dpuf

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